We’re a collection of story tellers, capturing moments through inspired motion pictures. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, we strive to go beyond just ‘video production’, and collaborate with you to tell an authentic story.


Gibson Guitars

A lot more goes into the making of a Gibson guitar than most are aware. It is a true process of hands. In fact, nearly 100 people will have contributed to your ...

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Gear Seven Showreel for 2015

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We are glad to welcome you at GearSeven.tv! We believe that video production is not just a job. Filmmaking is an art. Gear Seven Creative is a professional team providing first-grade video production services in Nashville. We aim at perfection in everything we do. Working with the projects, we are determined to put ourselves at our customer’s place, understand their ideas and implement them on video. If you are searching for video production, you are at the right place. READ MORE

Nashville video production services

It won’t be trouble to come across a post production or video production services, but you will have a jillion problems trying to find the company that will be inspired with your idea and put it into life. Creativity, quality and relationships with clients are the first principles of our work. First, we are trying to stand in our clients’ shoes to see what they expect from a video. This can be a video presentation, commercial video, music video etc. Despite the project aims, we guarantee excellent quality and uniqueness of all the video we make. You won’t find two similar video projects on the Gear Seven Creative portfolio, each story is special. You will see the difference if you compare our works with the works of other video productions from Nashville or other US states. It is not our job – it is our way of life.
Gear Seven is a creative video production company in Nashville. With our help scenarios come to life on video to tell people different stories. We do believe that video production is an art and try to send across this message. We know how to attract attention to video regardless its target audience. If you seek for video production services, don’t hesitate to contact us. The idea is only the beginning and we help to show it on the screen. No other video production company in Nashville can offer you such cutting-edge technical facilities. Owing to our many years’ experience, we create video, which gets your ideas across to the audience. You don’t put out of mind a high-quality video and would like to watch it over and over again. This is our primary goal.


The post production companies restrict to video production services, however we always maintain contact with our clients even when the project is over. Our team is always ready to help and glad to see our clients succeed. Close cooperation during the filmmaking and post production processes allows to create exceptional stories. With every project, we make another step on the road to perfection and we do all our best to cover the needs of our customers. Meanwhile, our team is ready to present the best solution, offer our own ideas and help to cope with any issue related to the project. Many video production services promise immediate result, while we focus on quality.
Gear Seven Creative gathered the advanced specialists under the roof of this video production company. Owing to our experience and state-of-the-art technical base, we can confidently say that we are the leaders among video production services in Nashville. You can see our works in the Portfolio and make sure that we do more than video projects - we narrate stories.