Why Top Brands Are Creating Branded Video Content (And Why You Should Too)

June 15, 2016

Why Top Brands Are Creating Branded Video Content (And Why You Should Be Too)

Whether we realize it or not, we are bombarded with ads twenty-four hours a day. Once a new social media platform becomes adopted by the masses, brands flock to be the first to create content to advertise on that platform.

The problem is, even if you are the first person to advertise in a new space, if it feels like an ad, most people are just going to ignore it like every other ad that is put in front of them. Getting people’s attention is one thing, but keeping it is another.

As many studies have shown (
Hubspot), video is on the rise because engagement is higher with video. In fact, 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI (Adobe). It’s true that video gets people’s attention, but how they respond to it is what is most important. A good video gets views, but a great video gets shares.

The brands that are seeing the best response with video are the ones producing
branded video content. Branded content comes in many forms, but the key difference from other forms of video content is that it’s content people want to watch. It’s not a typical ad, because the video tells a story and puts the brand in the background. For most branded video content, the viewer probably won’t identify the brand behind the video until the end, if even at all. This allows the video to tell a story to the viewer that, if told well (and that’s where we come in), they will want to share with others because a great story is worth sharing. Thus, the advertisee becomes the advertiser.

To give you an idea of brands that have developed a strong strategy around branded video content, we’ve compiled several videos that are the perfect blend of great storytelling, captivating imagery, and subtle brand/product placement that speaks perfectly to their brand’s target market.


Senses - Johnson & Johnson

This video hits it out of the park. What we love is how Johnson & Johnson never once throws in a product they are trying to advertise. Johnson & Johnson is simply offering to educate their audience about how their baby’s senses develop. It’s an attempt to build trust and recognition from the brand by providing the viewer with information that want to know by capturing your attention with a first person view of what a baby might experience as their senses develop.

Jose Cuervo - The 100% Agave Project

Produced with amazing sound design and captivating images, Jose Cuervo tells the story of how one surfer set out to make an surfboard strictly from the agave plant. You might be thinking, well how does this story relate to Jose Cuervo? Well, tequila is made from the agave plant and Jose Cuervo brands themselves around the surfing culture, so it speaks to their target audience perfectly and creates brand recognition within the surfing culture. The video can be found on their web site and the page includes links to articles about how tequila is made and drink recipes like “The Perfect Post-Surf Tequila Drink”.

Nest - Keep An Eye On What Matters

Part of the series “This is life with the Nest app”, Nest takes a comedic approach to show a real life application for how the Nest cam can be beneficial to your life, specifically to pet owners who might want to keep an eye on what their pet is doing while they are not at home.  It does not list all of the features of the product, but instead shows how the cam simply has the ability to help help you have peace of mind about your home while you are away.

Dude Perfect - Nerf Edition

If you aren’t familiar with Dude Perfect, your kids probably are (my 8 year old brother-in-law is an avid follower). The five guys that make up Dude Perfect have become experts at creating branded content around trick shot videos. Nerf is one of the brands that they have worked with the most, and this was the first video Nerf did with Dude Perfect. What is great about the video is that it subtly introduces viewers to Nerf’s newest gun by showing how it can be used in a way that most kids can relate to: set up targets around the house and have a competition. Kids watch the video, see the fun that Dude Perfect is having, and want to recreate it with that exact gun they saw in the video. Even if they don’t know the name of the gun, they know what it looks like and that is all a kid needs to know.

While you might agree that these videos worked well for these brands, you might find yourself wondering how your company could use branded video content effectively. At Gear Seven, we specialize in content creation and would be happy to work with your team to develop a strategy around your brand with concepts that will speak your language. To explore this further, shoot me a message at brian@gearseven.tv.

Written by Brian Foster

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