Why More People are Looking to Nashville for Video Production

Why More People are Looking to Nashville for Video Production

For those that don’t know, Nashville is experiencing exponential growth. It’s been stated that roughly 100 people are moving to the city every day. With new developments, public transportation, and a billion dollar airport expansion all in the works, the city is doing it’s best to keep up.

As a result, brands and professionals alike are looking to Nashville to see what opportunities the city can offer them. Surprising to some, the video production industry is one in particular that is starting to take notice.

For years LA and New York have been at the heart of video production. Hollywood drawing film directors and other production talent, and New York drawing more of the business side of production through ad agencies. While these two cities will always play a major role in the video production world, industry saturation and overcrowdedness is causing people to start looking outside of these cities.

Nashville is often one of the first places people are looking because of all of its ties to the entertainment industry. Thanks to success of the primetime show Nashville and CMT’s continued efforts to become the MTV of country music, we have heard from several entertainment companies that are exploring production opportunities available in Nashville.

Another reason there has been an increase in attention to video production in Nashville is because of the large amount of music videos that are being produced here. Because more genre’s of music are coming out of Nashville, more music videos are being commissioned to local film directors and production companies. Due to the amount of video content coming out of Nashville, brands are now looking to these same directors to put a fresh spin on their video content.

As a result of the growth of Nashville’s video production industry, production professionals are moving in as well, seeking work at a rate that is almost outpacing the amount of work available. But as new industry talent and professionals come, new work will come with it. Nashville is ready to take the stage. It’s only a matter of time before the city steps into the video production limelight.

Written by Brian Foster
Published September 30, 2016

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