What's Your Story

What's Your Story?

Everyone and everything has a story.  Ironically, people have a hard time telling their own story. Storytelling is an art. It is easy to tell someone what we do or who we are, but often we have a hard time understanding what our story is about and why anyone would care. Ultimately, we will never connect with our audience until we can tell someone what our story is about and why they should care. Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why, says it like this: “Stories are attempts to share our values and beliefs. Storytelling is worthwhile when it tells what we stand for.”

You can see this all the time in TV commercials. Businesses that don’t know how to tell their story will tell you what they do and sell, but they don’t tell you why they do it or convince you why you should care. The ones that do will tell you a story that shares a bit about their values and belief, even if it is subtle, and often times won’t even mention a product. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “In order to win a man to your cause, you must first reach his heart.”

We see this often as a production company. People will come to us with an idea for a video, but do not know how to get their message across. Often times they just want to talk about their product or what they do, but as Seth Godin once said, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff you sell, but about the stories you tell.” Anyone with a camera can make a video, but not everyone knows how to tell a story that will connect with an audience. We specialize in crafting stories of all kinds for all different platforms. Our directors would first and foremost tell you they are a storyteller first and it is the common element that can be found in all of our work.

Of course some of the best examples of great storytelling in video are done in commercials for the Super Bowl. One of our goals is to shoot a Super Bowl commercial, but in the mean time, here is an example from Audi’s Super Bowl LI commercial that does a great job of storytelling in order to share something they believe as a company. I think we can all agree it is much more moving than a typical ‘car driving down the road’ commercial.



Written by Brian Foster
Published January 23, 2017

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