Visual Content Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Visual Content Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Video production comes in all shapes and sizes nowadays. As brands invest more and more into their social media platforms, the demand for richer content is on the rise as brands try to stand out in the competition for consumers attention. Video content is one of the fastest growing types of content used on social media, and it’s more than just traditional videos that brands are wanting for their video content.

Trulia, a residential real estate web site that targets millennials, is one particular company that does just that. Currently Gear Seven helps Trulia with their social visual content production, which means the content that we create goes beyond the lines of traditional video production.

Having a good understanding of the platforms where the content will be placed is an important part of any project. In the social world, a variety of content keeps users engaged and interacting with a brand’s post, so this is an important aspect we keep in mind with Trulia. In one of the most recent campaigns we did for Trulia, we captured content in 6 major U.S. cities. In every city we made sure to capture cinemagraphs, hyperlapses, boomerangs, 360 photos, panoramas, and traditional photos amongst the traditional video content that was captured.

The dynamics of producing a high volume of social content versus a polished video piece means capturing a lot of content with quick turnarounds. Content is king, as they say, and in the social world, the more the better. I’ve included a few pieces from the project below, but would love to hear some of your favorite types visual content that you are capturing for your social media based projects.

Written by Brian Foster
Published November 15, 2016

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