Training for Creativity

Training for Creativity

Top creative companies do not get to the top by sheer luck. Their constant ability to develop award winning ideas do not come by chance. It was all a result of learning how to train their mind to think more creatively, and this training started well before the dream client came calling.

As a creative company, while we strive to do work that goes beyond our client’s expectations, we also aspire to create content that constantly pushes our creative abilities. We understand that in order to grow, we have to be constantly learning and training ourselves to think more creatively. It is the main driving force that will help our company evolve and our projects continue to improve.

While certain things come quicker naturally for some people, I am a believer that anyone can do anything they set their mind to. There’s a quote that is thrown around in the sports world that goes something like, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Steph Curry is a great example of this. As an undersized athlete in a sport where it comes easier for naturally tall athletes, Curry is known for his extensive time spent working to improve his craft and has continued to defy the expectations on his way to MVP of the League. While Curry is just one example of someone who mastered their craft through hard work, there are examples after examples of people that have proven this to be true. Because of this I am convinced that creativity is something that is not only for a select few gifted people, but that anyone can become more creative if they work for it.

Just as training in the gym helps your muscles grow bigger and stronger, creative companies have to train their minds to think more creatively. When an athlete gets bigger and stronger from strength training, their efforts in the gym will translate to better performance on the field. In the same way, when creative companies train themselves to think more creatively, the quality of their work will be noticeably better.

If you want to flex those creative “muscles”, you have to start training your mind to think more creatively. For Gear Seven this means routinely setting aside time for brainstorming sessions. Since we are a video production company, our brainstorming sessions revolve around developing stories, a message, and visual image concepts. Even if we do not have a particular project that we need to brainstorm on, every Monday at 10 AM, we spend time brainstorming for two hours. We don’t wait for a project to brainstorm. We do this as a way to train our minds to think more creatively.

One important note about these brainstorming sessions is that we do not go into them unprepared. On Friday morning, the brainstorming brief for the Monday morning session is sent out. This provides everyone with some insight on what we will be brainstorming on. If it’s for a client, it will be information and insight that will help the team get a good understanding of the company, the brand, their industry, etc. If there is no client project, the brainstorming brief will be on a subject, trend, or a passion project idea that seems opportunistic. Even if nothing ever develops into a video project from the brainstorming session, it is still an exercise that is training our minds to think creatively.

Another way we do this is in our weekly team memos. The weekly memo details everything currently in the works at Gear Seven. Included at the end of every weekly memo is a riddle that changes each week. While part of the reason for it’s addition was to get people actually to read the entire email, it’s a simple exercise that helps our entire team think outside of the box, and that plays a huge role into thinking creatively.

So whether you run a creative agency, work for a big brand, or are looking to launch your own endeavor, make regularly exercising your creativity a priority.How you exercise it may look different, but that doesn't matter as long as you make it a priority.

Written by Brian Foster
Published August 10, 2016

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