The Shatter the Madness project developed from a collection of songs Tom Douglas and Allen Shamblin had written together that attempt to make sense of the world we find ourselves in today. In Tom’s words, “We’re putting out these songs just to start a conversation. And I think they already have.”

When Tom and Allen approached Gear Seven about the project, our challenge visually became how do we put the focus on the song and not the songwriters. Tom and Allen were not doing this project as a means to fame, so the challenge was figuring out how to get this in front of people with no artist attached and no identified platform for sharing the project.

After what was originally supposed to be a 3 song video series, we determined that by including the widely known “The House That Built Me” as a 4th song, the name would garner enough attention to reel people in to watch the rest of the series and the three other songs. Before production had ended, Grammy Pro had already expressed interest in doing a feature and upon completion the project was picked up by Billboard's Country Update as the headlining story.

Director of Photography