Holly Williams // Peter Nappi

Small Batch Presents

Small Batch is a short film series celebrating the people who make things by hand and the musicians within the same communities who support them. Each episode features the story of a brand and a performance from a band playing in that brand's storefront. This episode features country legacy, Holly Williams and Peter Nappi, an Italian made shoe company based in Nashville.

In Italian there are several ways to express your love for someone. There is the common “I love you,” t’amo. Then there is the more complex, less common, ti voglio bene, which literally translates to “I want you to be well.” The difference between the two phrases is important, as ti voglio bene expresses an unconditional and selfless love, the kind of love that speaks to passion, the kind of love that speaks to deep family ties. Ti voglio bene also happens to be the tagline for Nashville’s Peter Nappi. 
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