Personalized Video - Making a Mass Video Look and Feel Personal

May 13, 2016

Personalized Video - Making a Mass Video Look and Feel Personal

In a world that is always bombarding us with messages, it’s easy to overlook the majority of the attempts marketers use to get our attention. As the world becomes more bombarded with screens on anything and everything, communicating a message through video naturally becomes more of a commonplace for brands (job security!). The problem is that as more of any form of communication becomes saturated, the harder it becomes to get people’s attention. This is no different with video. So how do you make your video capture someone’s attention? There are several ways this can be done, but today I’m going to talk about personalized video.

Remember the last time someone went out of their way for you? Maybe it was a handwritten thank you card for an interview, a postcard from a friend traveling abroad, or a call from the owner of a company to personally thank you for doing business with them. Whatever the case might be, we all value and take special notice when someone goes out of their way for you.

Personalized video can create this feeling, because it makes someone feel like the video was made specifically for them in real time. With Personalized video, you can incorporate a person’s name, company name, email address, phone number, and even their Linkedin picture all within the video so that it looks like it was filmed just for you. In other words the video adapts to the person watching it based off of the previous collected information about that person. And no, I’m not talking about a graphic overlay. I mean it actually looks like someone wrote your name out and filmed it.

Using this strategy, we have identified several ways that almost any company could incorporate personalized to help grow their brand. Later on, we will show you what this looks like with your own personalized video thanks to the team at Vidyard who specialize in implementing this technology into the videos.

Lead Generation Video
Imagine videos that speak to your potential customers on a first name basis. Using personalized video during the lead generation stage of the sales process is a great way to get someone’s attention and help you and your company stand out from the crowd. Instead of just sending mass emails that you’ve cleverly made feel personal (like most B2B’s do), imagine the attention your prospects will give you when they receive a video that has their name and company name somewhere in the video.

Office Tour Video
Maybe you want to let your prospective clients get to know your company better with a virtual tour of your office. How much more personal could that tour be than by greeting them in your lobby with their name and company on the TV monitor or sign behind you. You could even offer to get them a virtual cup of coffee going for them that you present to them at the end of the tour with their name written on it.

Thank You Video
Want to really thank your clients for their business? Send them a personalized thank you video thanking them for their business. But don’t stop there. Tease them in the video that something will be arriving in their office shortly with their name on a package or box. Then before you send them the video, schedule something like food or coffee to be dropped off at their office later that same day. There are plenty of delivery services nowadays that make this easy so use it to your advantage.

We look forward to experimenting more and more with all of the ways personalized video can be used. Vidyard, the world’s leading video market platform, is the service that syncs the personal information into videos. If you want to see how a personalized video with your information could look, click the link below and input your information as directed to try it for yourself. If you like what you see, give us a shout and we will help you strategize on how to best capture the content of the video.

View a personalized video with your information here

Written by Brian Foster

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