Look Past the Predictable

Johnny's mother had three children.
The first was named April and the second was named May.
What was the name of the third child?

Take a second to try solving the riddle. Did you figure out the answer? If you’re like most people, your first thought was probably June. It seems obvious when you learn the first two children’s names are April and May, but think again. The answer is in the first sentence. Johnny is the third child. It was his mother that had three children, the first two being April and May.

In a sense, this plays out similarly in the way most businesses think. All too often entrepreneurs, creatives, and the like are satisfied with something that fits well and is easily predictable. While it might look like a good answer, it’s not the answer. It might not be obvious at first, but the Johnny’s are there. Only the companies who think differently and consider all of the information will be able to identify and separate themselves from the predictable.

At Gear Seven we are constantly challenging ourselves to look past the predictable. When given the creative freedom from a client, it would not say much about our company’s creativity if we created something similar to what the client already has. Instead we work to look past the obvious and go beyond the ordinary because most are satisfied with the ordinary.

So next time the most obvious answer looks like a June, challenge yourself to look deeper and you might discover a Johnny of an opportunity that’s been there the whole time.

Written by Brian Foster
Published September 6, 2016

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