Are You Growing Your Brand with Video?

March 1, 2016

Are you utilizing video content to grow your brand?

I hope you answered yes to this question. Over 90% of marketers are already using video in their marketing campaigns, according to a report conducted in 2013 by 
ReelSEO.  With the average person’s attention span now lasting less than 9 seconds, getting people’s attention long enough to get your message across can be challenging. So how well does video do at capturing people’s attention?

Diode Digital discovered that people will watch video 60% of the time before reading any text on a site. In 2012 Wistia found that videos under 1 minute had 80% viewer retention after the first 30 seconds, while 2-3 minute videos had a 65% retention rate after the first 30 seconds. 80% of viewers could recall a video ad they had seen in the past 30 days, according to the Online Publishers Association. In a world of 9 second attention spans, why is video so much more effective?

From studies done by 
Forrester Research, they concluded that 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Now that might seem hard to believe, but when you compare how much you remember from a 200 page book you read verses a 1 minute video you watched, it’s probably going to be about the same, especially when it correlates to the overall message that you took from it. Most people would rather watch a movie than read the book that it’s based on anyways.

Not all videos are effective though. If the viewer is not engaged within the first 10 seconds, you’ve already lost them. If a video feels too much like a sales pitch, you will probably lose Millennials faster than that. A good video conveys something of value and engages their emotions quickly. Millennials in particular are extremely loyal to brands that add value to their hectic lives, so if you make them laugh or tell a meaningful story you’re likely to gain a new follower. And not only that but they will be more likely to share or recommend it to their friends which is most important considering that 98% of Millennials are more likely to engage with a friend's post versus a brand's post," according to an article from 

It’s easy to see why it’s so important to consider not only incorporating video into your marketing strategy, but also considering what kind of content you’re putting out there. If you’re looking to grow your brand through video, drop us a line and we would be happy to help!

Written by Brian Foster

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