Gabrielle Woodland

Gabrielle Woodland is a Director & Producer that works in the Nashville/Atlanta region. Getting her start as a former multimedia producer at Nashville’s NBC affiliate WSMV-TV, she has passion for documentary storytelling. She was most recently nominated for Video of the Year for directing Maren Morris’ “Better Than We Found It” music video. She was also recently nominated for a Vimeo Staff Pick for co-directing the short documentary “Out North.”



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Andy Reale

An award winning director and creative director for over 10 years, Andy has worked with some of the biggest brands and names in fashion, music and media today. With the objective of waving the flag for the creative, he is heavily influenced by the art and spirit that came out of the punk/skate scene he grew up with. Andy is cultivating an intentional space and culture that reflects his inspirations and propels them forward when translated to the modern media landscape today. He cares about your brand, and story and communicating it as effectively as possible through visual and narrative.



*Not all of the director’s work examples were produced by Gear Seven*

Patrick Tohill

Patrick is a Nashville-based video director. He has been directing music videos, branding videos, and corporate videos for almost 10 years and his love for cinema drives him to create captivating works that stand alone. He has worked on number 1 top 40 radio hits, brand spots, and everything in between. Patrick works as video director in LA, Nashville, Atlanta, New York City, and all over the globe.



*Not all of the director’s work examples were produced by Gear Seven*

Craig Murray

Craig is a heartfelt filmmaker, bringing together brand strategy and story through a cinematic lens. This perspective draws on his background as a Creative Director and Designer for brands like Google, Samsung, Lonely Planet, and JPMorgan Chase, all of which have helped inform his perception of humanity and life’s complex relationships. Craig’s experience and love for film has culminated in narratives that inspire viewers with a central truth and empathy toward one another. As a Director and Cinematographer, he is known for not only his ability to visually immerse audiences but also craft stories with strong emotional undertones. His passion is to work on meaningful commercial and branded projects.

When he’s not working you can find him with his wife and three children.



*Not all of the director’s work examples were produced by Gear Seven*

JT McCreery

JT’s love of film and story has fueled his passion for directing and informed his filmmaking style across documentary, narrative, and music projects. He has a passion for resonating emotionally with diverse audiences. He believes that filmmaking is a vast empathy mechanism that can inspire and empower. He is based out of Nashville but has honed his craft on projects produced around the globe, from Kenya to India to Haiti.

JT loves helping organizations and artists communicate their passion and purpose to their audience through strong, heartfelt narrative and documentary-style storytelling. He believes that hope can be found in seemingly dark places and that, ultimately, stories can be powerful agents for goodness and profound changes in the hearts and minds of every human being.



*Not all of the director’s work examples were produced by Gear Seven*

Edy Recendez

Edy Recendez is a Mexican director based out of Knoxville, TN. He started working in the industry from an early age which led him to understand and value every aspect of filmmaking.

He’s a problem solver by nature, his creative vision along with his passion for collaboration is what has led him to work with a number of different brands and artists from all over the globe.



*Not all of the director’s work examples were produced by Gear Seven*

Kali Bailey

Kali Bailey is a commercial and narrative film director based in Nashville, TN. She has worked in the film industry since she was 14 years old, driven by a passion for authentic storytelling. With a background as a first assistant director and a feature film editor, Kali brings not only directing experience but also pre-pro and post-production experience to the table. 


Commonly dubbed a “Swiss Army Knife” of filmmaking, Kali harnesses her extensive knowledge of the filmmaking process to craft powerful and emotive stories.



*Not all of the director’s work examples were produced by Gear Seven*

Conner Harville

This is my “bio section”. It is where I tell you how passionate and invested I am in telling a great story. This page is also where I talk about how I am trying to push the industry of visual storytelling. This is the place I casually mention brands like the NFL, Nike, Pilot Flying J, Cleveland Browns and others in case that might entice you to take a deeper look. And this is also where I talk about my desires to elevate the quality of the projects that I get to work on.

All of these are true, but how many times have you read that?

Let’s talk and we can figure things out together.



*Not all of the director’s work examples were produced by Gear Seven*

Connor Carroll

Connor’s love for film was sparked at a young age. He grew up in front of the camera, acting in commercials and movies well into his teens, but it wasn’t until after college that he began to hone his skills behind the camera. He spent some time as a producer for a boutique production company in Nashville, learning the craft before making the jump into advertising.

As an agency producer, Connor traveled the world, collaborating on global campaigns for major brands. He quickly learned how to put his production experience to the test by building and maintaining solid client relationships.

Connor’s varied industry experience and his deep understanding of the intertwining elements that go into a commercial have helped him to quickly become a well respected and established director for the likes of Sony, Discover, Gibson Guitars, and many more.

As a director, Connor aspires to tell authentic, cinematic stories that embrace the human condition and evoke real emotion. He places a lot of value in putting the right people in the right roles to achieve a common goal, and his personable nature and ability to connect with people are some of his greatest strengths on and off set.



*Not all of the director’s work examples were produced by Gear Seven*