Tyler Dunning Evans

Nashville raised, Los Angeles based filmmaker Tyler Dunning Evans has a knack for big ideas. With a strong eye for natural light, color and environmental composition, Tyler often takes what may seem like an ordinary frame and transforms it into something truly cinematic and often surreal.

His background in editing and graphic design support his visions in having created campaigns and content for brands like the 99 Cents Only Stores, InStyle, NBC and Just Food For Dogs. Narrative driven in his craft, Tyler ensures story is always front and center of his work.

Most recently, he created an emotional music video for Steve Aoki and the Backstreet Boys song “Let It Be Me.” Tyler’s also worked with artists like Daddy Yankee, Shaggy, Steven Malcom and Deorro.



*Not all of the director’s work examples were produced by Gear Seven*

Sean Davé

Sean’s love of watching movies started early. He grew up in Hawai’i, wearing out VHS tapes of The Brave Little Toaster in the dawn hours before school.

From these humble (and admittedly odd) beginnings, he dove headfirst into directing. Sean quickly carved out a varied path through the industry—from headphone commercials starring pro gamers, to baby formula spots with Olympic gymnasts.

Sean keeps it simple: he aims to create good work with good people, on every single set. This passionate approach to production has led to collaborations with brands such as Audio-Technica, Sony Pictures, GQ, and many more.



*Not all of the director’s work examples were produced by Gear Seven*

Joshua McGowan

Josh is an award-winning filmmaker who’s distinct style was developed from a love for story. Raised in the suburbs of Chicago, movies became his way of understanding the world around him. He started making them for himself when he acquired a DV camera, and he quickly migrated to LA where he began working in development with an academy award winning producer. 

His commercial career was launched when he sold a series of spec commercials. He’s since shot thoroughly for big brands, celebrities and respected institutions. His works are constantly exploring new ways of emotional storytelling, always keeping a cinematic edge and heartfelt sentiment at the core.

He is currently developing his first feature film as a director and lives with his wife and young children.



*Not all of the director’s work examples were produced by Gear Seven*

Matt Delisi

Bold, unapologetic, a gifted talent in creating dynamic imagery: Matthew DeLisi has cut his teeth in the music video industry in Nashville, TN. He is sought after because of his wildly imaginative eye and execution of that vision. His deftness in telling visually stimulating stories lends itself amazingly to creative endeavors and all possibilities.


Matt loves guerrilla style filmmaking, doing whatever it takes to get the shot or get the production finished. He artistically balances organization  and creative freedom. In Matt’s words, “the weirder the better.”



*Not all of the director’s work examples were produced by Gear Seven*

Matthew Underwood

Matthew honed his filmmaking craft in the eclectic Nashville music scene, curating work with a strong narrative focus.  He has since collaborated with brands such as Facebook, AT&T, Rolling Stone, and Evan Williams Bourbon.  Alongside music videos and commercials, Matthew has continued to develop both narrative and documentary projects.  His work has taken him to over a dozen countries and across the entire United States.  This global experience has informed his craft, leading him to intentionally pursue stories that introduce him to new people and cultures, both near and far.  Matthew believes deeply in the power of stories and their ability to enlighten, to inspire, and to create empathy. 



*Not all of the director’s work examples were produced by Gear Seven*